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The first mechanic I have trusted to touch my car. Best transparency and upfront customer interactions, no beating around the bush.

— Google Review

These guys are awesome. Very professional. Gave me a quote to fix my pickup and before I could even get home, they called me back and had an even lower quote, so I was happy. Next day it was done as promised. Highly recommended.

— Google Review

1. These guys know what they are doing.
2. They get the job done quickly and in the time promised.
3. Their prices are fair.
4. Their work is guaranteed.
5. They are just plain good people to work with.
That's 5 stars in by book!

— Google Review

The team at Master Tech Automotive consistently exceeds my expectations by first managing my expectations appropriately, keeping me informed, and advising which repairs are critical and which can be safely deferred. I am happy to partner with Master Tech Automotive to ensure the safety of our vehicles for my family.

— Google Review

Another shop said I would have to pay $10,000 to get my car fixed. Master Tech took a look at the problems and in the end I only paid $5,600. They were very helpful and assisted me with any questions I had.

— Facebook Review

Recently I had a issue occur that was too big for me to cover on the spot n I seen this place had over 130 reviews and still at over 4 star rating. That's damn good. Any ways I needed to get financed for my costly repair and master automotive has a financing option. I was approved and got my car back in good running condition. They did outstanding. They let me know step by step what they are doing n parts that were needed case I wanted to look em up my self etc. Very honest shop. I had no doubt bout that after reading the reviews.

— Google Review

They went above and beyond. I was stuck in Oregon on my way back to Utah alone with my 5 kids b/c my A/C went out in the middle of July. It was in the 90s and I didn't want to have to drive all that way with little ones without A/C. I had gone to O'Reily's previously to get a A/C recharge, which ended up being a bad idea. I showed up at this place with 30 min before the technician was suppose to go home and an hr before closing. They all stayed until almost 8 pm that night to make sure my A/C was working.

Not only that, they were very nice, offered us food and water to help us with the time. They explained everything so we understood and I just felt like I had found a great place to help us. Plus a few days later they called to see how things were going and I got to ask them a few more questions. I wish they were in Utah, I would definitely go back.

— Yelp Review

I take both of my vehicles here for service a 2015 Nissan and 2004 Ford for simple things like an oil change to my car just not starting for some reason and have always gotten amazing service with in the quoted price, I also love the report that gets text to my phone with the issues found and I have never had any pressure to get them taken care of like I have at other places tried, I also like the fact when I ask a question they break it down into simple terms I can understand. I will for sure continue to bring my cars here for service.

— Google Review

Master Tech crew did an outstanding job diagnosing and repairing a coolant leak on my truck. Darren and the crew were very professional and kept me informed of needed repairs and progress. Their courtesy shuttle service was much appreciated to allow me to pick up and drop off a rental car while my truck was being repaired. Thank you!

— Yelp Review

They are quick and professional at MTA, Vancouver. After the inspection, Chris ordered the parts for my broken muffler right away. They even gave me a ride home and pick me up after. They helped me quickly, explained everything and the price was very close to their estimate. A good experience worth a recommendation.

— Google Review

Thank you Kevin and team for making my son's truck safe! I really appreciate all your hard work and honesty. Being a single mom and trying to take care of car stuff is a challenge. I am very thankful to have Master Tech help me through the repair process! Thanks again!

— Google Review

I was forced to have my 2011 Tiguan towed to Master Tech in Vancouver due to a broken drive belt and tension belt while on I-5. It happened at midnight on Saturday and I had to leave my car in their parking lot over the weekend. I was worried but I shouldn't have been. The lot was secure and well lit. Early Monday I called and someone answer prior to opening hours. I explained the problem and they said they would call back with an estimate when the technician got in and they called back right when they said they would. The estimate was reasonable (given what was wrong) but more than the cash I had on hand. I asked about a payment plan and they said I just needed to fill out an application for a 6 months same as cash account. That process went very smoothly and I was approved later Monday afternoon. They ordered the parts and I had my car back on Tuesday afternoon. I had a very good experience with Master Tech and would recommend them to anyone who needs fast and courteous service.

— Google Review

I needed help removing non-stock seating in my full-size van. I did not have the tools or facilities at home to reach some of the bolts. Amber was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. She was able to assign technicians to my job right away. The work was completed while I waited for about an hour. They did not hesitate to take on my non-standard "repair".

— Google Review

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! First accident - took my car here because they were the first to actually answer my phone call. Other shops I had to leave a voicemail - and I had things to do! The guy that worked with us, Kevin, was incredibly helpful and informative.

I was VERY impressed with the customer service right off the bat. When we dropped the car off after an early morning collision *sad face* - I was ready to have to pay a cab to take me to work. INSTEAD, their company vehicle/ shuttle to drove me right down 4th Plain to work.

Then later, called and reserved a vehicle at Enterprise for us for this weekend. Since it is the day after Christmas, Enterprise was really low on cars - if there wasn't a reservation, they wouldn't have had one for us. I was blown away at how we were taken care of. I will recommend this shop to anyone, every day of the week.

— T.R.

I had my Audi towed to Master Tech Auto after it sat at another local repair shop for two weeks with promises to fix it. Master Tech diagnosed the problem which turned out to be a snapped timing belt that caused major damage to the engine. They kept me updated on the repairs and time that I could expect my car to be ready. As a single Mom with no experience with car repairs, its great to find a mechanic that I can trust. These guys are awesome!

— M.C.

MTA Automotive is tops in my book! The employees are very friendly and helpful. They never try to upsell you on other services that you don't need. Their prices were quite a bit lower than another shop that had coupons galore. I'm very happy with their work and customer service.

— S.R.

Great Service!

My Pathfinder (1999) has been a super car, with more than 160,000 miles driven since new. After it developed a strange noise we brought it into Mastertech in Vancouver, WA and spoke to Brian. A major repair was needed and we agreed to leave the car for the fix. A week later the car is back, the price quoted and paid was the same - no surprises. Everyone was fantastic, with a follow up call after having the car back for 3 days. It runs like new and we will be bringing our other vehicle in for service. They are winners!



I was very impressed with MTA!! They were friendly and helpful! I am new to town and had went to another shop for some work...then a friend said go talk to these guys and im glad I did...not only did they get my car in right away (knowing my safety concerns) they even beat the price of the other top it off they had my car ready an hour ahead of schedule. ..I think I found a new friend in town!! I will be back and passing out business cards!!!!!

— K.K

Master Tech Automotivewas friendly, picked me up immediately, beat all other competitive bids and delivered my Honda Accord back under the time promised. Absolutely no hassle and excellent work. Not only did they provide good car repair they went above and beyond to stop the hassle and push back from the more expensive dealer down the street from where I work. It was worth the extra couple of miles and the shuttle made sure I barely missed any time away from work. Thank you Master Tech AutomotiveI will be back!

— S.E.

My 2008 Saturn Vue had brake warning lights staying on. Not only did I get this taken care of but had Kevin and Brian do a complete safety and maintenance inspection. After the inspection, I was advised of what needed repairing. My cost went up considerable from the original estimate of $118. The rear hub assembly with wheel bearings needed to be replaced. The transmission lines needing replacing due to leakage at various points. The overall work took 2 days to complete.

I was under a time constraint needing to leave town around 12p.m. on Friday. I explained this to Kevin when he called with the inspection and estimate. They really pushed from Wednesday afternoon to Friday at 11:30 and got all work done. Thanks guys.

— S.A.

We had just purchased a 1987 Toyota Camry with 68k miles and took it to Mastertech to have it tuned up and back to running status. They persevered through all the twists and turns of what the car through at them. They kept us in the loop and welcomed us to call them everyday to check in too! I d never heard of a auto shop that encouraged the client to call them! It was a nice change. Thanks to the guys at Mastertech! We are super happy with our new addition to the automotive family. We will definitely bring Cam back should he need additional work.

— P.W.

I took my Toyota Matrix in to be fixed and they helped me out:) they even gave me different payment options, which was nice. I've never went anywhere else that does that. Everyone was very friendly!

— Google Review

When I brought my car to Master Tech Automotive, they were instantly helpful in every way. First of all, I had to get a tow truck to pick up my car and drop it off there and when the tow truck was running behind, James called me to let me know that they can actually pick it up for me and it would be free with any repairs. That was a huge relief! They were able to replace my fuel pump at a really good price and they also found other issues that I didn't know was wrong with my car. They offered to fix them as well but i declined the offer due to my finances. The customer service there was super professional and very courteous. Ill definitely be bringing my car back in for the other services that need to be done.

— Google Review

Just got a repair done and Master Tech did a great job of communicating with me throughout the process on my options and their professional opinion on what should be done. I am pleased with the work that was done and have already scheduled my maintenance that needs to be performed there. I may have been able to spend less elsewhere, but would not have the guarantee and experiemce I received here. Thank you.

— Google Review

My truck broke down near by and was towed to this place around 5pm on a Friday. Chris stayed late to access my truck and provide professional service for options and costs. I am from out of the area and he was able to get quotes very quickly on a new engine (which I did not go through with). They let me store my vehicle their for a week while I determined my options even though I did not go with them only charged half the price. I would recommend these guys to anyone for their integrity and courtesy.

— Google Review

Took my Jeep Compass to the Gresham Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram on Burnside and they kept clearing the check engine light saying everything was fine. One day they did not want to be bothered with that so I took my Jeep here. They got me in right away. They found the problem, a dirty filter, and the check engine light stopped coming in. Thank you very much for helping me figure out what was wrong and helping in a timely manner.

— Yelp Review

I learned about you from a friend and so impressed with your customer service. Your techs are very knowledgeable and explain everything in words i can understand. I feel everyone I have contact with has gone above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Brandon, Chris and Andrew Barber!!! I will definitely come back and refer all my family and friends! It is nice to finally find a place where I don't feel I am being told I need work done when it doesn't need to be done. You are respectful and ethical.

— Google Review

Darren and his crew were professional, timely, and did an amazing job identifying what was wrong and then replacing my alternator. Their service was some of the best I have received compared to other auto shops around town and I will definitely be going back for future work.

— Yelp Review

They were great! They got my car in and repaired the same day and communicated with me every step of the way!

— Yelp Review

Mastertech is by far the most honest company we have ever gone to. We have been going to them for years with our car troubles. They are the only mechanic we trust and we will continue to take our vehicles to them whenever we need help.

— S & R

I had to have several things repaired on my 2008 Saturn. Some parts needed to be ordered and Kevin and Brian really worked hard to get my car back to me before I had to leave town. Car is great and so are you!

— S.A.

I own a 2002 Saturn. Since Saturn's door were closed I have searched for a reliable, honest, reasonable automotive service provider. Here at Mastertech I have found such place. Thank you guys for the honest, reliable and reasonable service. I will and do recommend you to my friends when asked where I go to service my car… Again, thank you for caring and not taking advantage… See you on the next service adventure!

— K.S.

Mastertech Auto is always a good experience. John and Leo provide friendly and knowledgeable customer service. They do good work and I always leave feeling like all my bases are covered and I won't be back for a long time. My car is 27 years old and it's bound to have something break or fall off. When it does, I'll always go back to Mastertech Auto. Liked: Service.

— J.Q.

We're relatively new to the area and the thing we missed the most about where we came from was our most excellent auto mechanic. Finding a good mechanic is like finding a good doctor or even a good spouse it seems. :) - But glad to say our search ended when we popped into MTA. We deal with Kevin mostly and they have done everything for us from oil changes to major work and each time it's a quality job. We always get a follow up call and their website is a great way to make appt's and keep records. Now we don't miss anything about where we came from! Liked: Service

— Google Plus Review

Their service is excellent and they treat you well. They are quick to help and provide excellent review of the things that need to be done right away and things that can wait. One of the biggest helps for me is that they don't treat my wife like she doesn't know anything. But at the same time do great at explaining exactly what needs to happen. Liked: Service

— Google Plus Review

I had a bad fuel relay system and needed a service. They got me in the day after I called, dropped it off at 9:30, gave me an estimate about an hour later, and had the job done around 2pm. They even came in under the price they initially estimated. You can't beat that. They had great attitudes, great service, and I felt confident in their work. Being able to trust your mechanic is huge. I'll be coming back here again. Liked: Service, Value

— Google Plus Review

My car was making an awful noise so I stopped by Master Tech Automotiveby Vancouver Mall and they got it on the lift and thoroughly checked it out for me. Apparently I had a rock wedged somewhere in my brakes that had fallen out but they made sure it didn't do any damage and that the car was safe to drive...even took it for a spin to make sure. Thanks guys!!! Really appreciate it! Liked: Service

— Google Plus Review

I had to take my van back to Master Tech Automotive for a new problem. And, again the service was very good. Additionally, the check engine light had come back on after the first service and I was concerned. Master Tech Automotiveran the codes again at no charge and determined it was a simple problem with a hose and fixed it no problem. The light has not come back on, I passed emissions, and my van is running great! Liked: Service, Value

— Google Plus Review

My first experience with MTA restored my faith in automotive business people. I learned more about protecting my car's insides and symptoms to 'listen and look' for which is good comfort for women. Everyone was open and honest with me. They took time to explain and answer questions I had.

The estimate was very competitive. The final bill was lower than the estimate! and they cleaned, vacuumed and completed the (major) job in one day! I am relieved to know I can depend on MTA for my car and my family's cars. Try them, you will be very pleased!

— J

The Master Tech Automotive team did a great job walking through the needed repairs. I asked to look at the issue while it was on the rack in the garage and they didn't hesitate a bit. Very honest and trustworthy. While waiting in the reception area they even asked me if i needed any lunch. I will certainly use and recommend Master Tech Automotivein the future.

— M.C.

They did an awesome job on my 1996 Audi!Which are a pain in the ass! I went there because my car started overheating as I was going to get an oil change at "Jiffy Lube" while I was there "Jiffy Lube" they told me my car was overheating because my coolant needed to flushed and that would fix the problem, for of course only $109 dollars. So I called my boyfriend & said that I needed a $109 dollars. He said I was crazy & to come home. So a pissed off little lady I went home and let my boyfriend take my car to Mastertech.They took a look at it and found out it was just a sensor. Not only that but that they would have the part delivered and the car done in just a few hours for only $145 dollars. No way I thought that this can't be true. Audi parts take forever and are $$$, but they came through on their word and even gave my boyfriend a ride back home till the car was done.


— J & M

Master Tech Automotivehas been servicing our personal and business (The Pull Out Shelf Company) vehicles for about 9 months. We went to them because of their strong reports in Angie's List. Over time, I have enjoyed the personal and business relationship with Kevin and Jerry at the Vancouver shop. I am constantly surprised how quickly the work is completed. Once the work has been complete, I have never had to go back for corrections. We have learned to trust them with our vehicles. Thanks guys.

— F.M.